2016 Hardy-Heck-Moore Downtown Survey

Important Note

Mistakes have been found in the content of the survey information Hardy-Heck-Moore supplied. HWI is working with Hardy-Heck-Moore to facilitate corrections. If anyone using the data found here concerning the survey finds mistakes, please report them to HWI by contacting an HWI board member or by submitting them via the Contact Page. Thank you.


In 2016 Hardy-Heck-Moore, Inc. conducted a survey of the downtown area. The survey was funded with a grant from the Texas Historical Commission through the Texas Preservation Trust Fund Program. The grant was secured by Historic Waxahachie, Inc. (HWI). Additional funds were provided by the City of Waxahachie. The results of that survey are accessible from this website.

Two of the outputs reside on the City of Waxahachie’s website and those links are provided below. One is the bound portion of the survey itself. That document references two appendices that were provided on disk that contain information on specific properties surveyed. Those files are found here on the HWI website (see below). The other document on the city’s website is a detailed city-wide survey plan for possible action in the future.

Downtown Waxahachie Survey Report 2016

City of Waxahachie Survey Plan

Specific Property Information

Downtown Survey Boundaries Map

Appendix A: Close to 150 properties in the downtown area were surveyed. A map of the boundaries of the survey can be seen by clicking the link above. An inventory of surveyed historic resources (Appendix A) provides a thumbnail description and small picture of each property and some of its historic characteristics. It is a small file (13 pages) and is in no particular order, but one can fairly quickly review it to determine what properties were surveyed. Click on the link below to access it.

Appendix A – Inventory of Surveyed Historic Resources

Appendix B: The collection of Texas Historic Sites Forms (Appendix B) has been separated by property address and is accessible below by street. You can use the links on this website to access specific property addresses contained in the report. By clicking on a street name below you will be taken to a separate page which will list the addresses on that street which were surveyed. You may then click on the address to access the site form for that property. It will contain current and in some cases historic pictures, along with more detailed information about the property and its history.

Below are listed the streets that were a part of the 2016 downtown survey. Click on a street to find the property addresses that were included in the survey.

N. College (17 listings)

S. College (15 listings)

N. Elm (3 listings)

S. Elm (8 listings)

S. Flat (2 listings)

E. Franklin (4 listings)

W. Franklin (6 listings)

N. Jackson (5 listings)

S. Jackson (5 listings)

E. Jefferson (5 listings)

W. Jefferson (12 listings)

E. Madison (2 listings)

W. Madison (5 listings)

E. Main (6 listings)

W. Main (12 listings)

N. Monroe (3 listings)

S. Monroe (3 listings)

Patterson (2 listings)

Railroad (1 listings)

N. Rogers (10 listings)

S. Rogers (18 listings)

W. Water (1 listings)